Underwater wildlife photography camera test in Cornwall

On a recent trip to Cornwall I decided to pack my Fuji XP50 (underwater compact camera), GoPro Hero Black 3+(sports camera) and my underwater housing EWA U-BXP100 (soft pouch housing a see which performed the best in Cornwall's rock pools).

I did a short amount of research online and picked Port Isaac as a place to test my cameras, I only had around an hour so time was against me! I used my compact first which is great, I have used this camera before to shoot toads spawning underwater and one of those images recived a Highly Commended Award in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 BWPA. It easy to use and as its really small it was great to get into small cracks and pool areas at low tide. The images look great considering how cheap the camera is and I managed to capture some really interesting images above and below the waterline. See images below.

The next camera was my Canon 5Dmk11 with a EWA U-BXP housing this took time to set up i.e. getting the camera with flash unit in the bag. It was frustrating and almost impossible to use especially in small rock pools. trying to focus was hard and viewing the images on the back was a real pain. I managed to grab a few shots but they turned out pretty average. See images below.

Finally I used my GoPro Hero 3+ Black, Its simple and easy to set up and to make my job easier I syned it with my Smart Phone using BlueTooth and the GoPro app so I could see what the camera was taking on my phone (live view) and I also used a selfy stick so I could position the camera underwater in deep areas with out getting wet! The shots came out well but if the light is flat and the sky is grey it doest preform that well, I have found with a GoPro if the conditions are good so are the pictures, but if there not then the pictures suffer. Also another draw back is there is no macro mode so photographing stuff up close is really out of the question. See images below.

So my conclusion was the best camera for photographing in rock pools was the Fuji xp50 compact it was easy, quick and having a macro setting really helped!