South East Asia, Photography

On the Mekong _LO029
Halong Bay   _VIE028
Angkor Wat Temple  _LO027
Boats on the Mekong _LO026
Phi Phi at dusk   _THA025
Thailand Taxi  _THA024
Thailand Taxi  _THA023
Vang Vien _LO005
Temple in the cliffs _LO004
Water Hole_CAM016
Tropical Storm 4 _CAM015
Tropical Storm _CAM014
Royal Palace _CAM013
Royal Palace  _CAM012
Golden Door _THA020
Mekong Boats  _LO003
Fishing at dusk  _LO002
Crossing the river _LO001
Extermination Centre Cambodia  _CAM010
Poda island _THA017
Angkor Wat Wall Carvings _CAM009
Smiling Monks _CAM008
Storm Clouds _CAM007
Temple Ruins _CAM006
Temple Ruins _CAM005
Teenage Monks _CAM004
Fire juggler _THA018
Sad, Happy and angry _THA022
Buddha Face  _THA019
Palm trees _THA021
Buddha face _THA019
Buddha _THA020