Gibraltar’s Barbary Macaques

Last year in September I spent four amazing days photographing the troops of wild Barbary Macaques living on the rock.

I love primates and especially macaques as they are so adaptable and intelligent. My original plan was to head to Sulawesi to photograph the black crested macaque but due to time and money I headed to Gibraltar the only location in Europe to find wild monkeys.

I watched a lot of behaviour from these sneaky and resourceful apes. One of their interesting behaviours was to spot people disembarking from the cable cart and see if they had bags if they did then they would attack and hopefully the tourist would drop they bag and run and the victor would keep its spoils.

There are lots of signs stating “Don’t Feed the Apes” but no-one really paid any attention and handed them beer, sweets and even gum!

Here’s a small selection of the images taken below.